Swedish – Deep Tissue – Myofascial Release – Thai

Motor Vehicle Accidents


Tuesday – Saturday 10-7;  Monday by appointment only

*Cash, check, plastic, HSA cards, and some health insurance plans are accepted.*

*10% off for seniors (65 and over) and students *

Upper Body Massage


Do you carry all your stress in your neck and shoulders?  Want to relax but don’t have much time?  Lighten the weight of the world with 20-30 minutes in my massage chair.  It’s a quick and easy way to keep your upper half in tip-top shape!  (Can also be done during color processing.)

$35/30 mins

 Full-Body Massage


When you need the comfort and care of a full body massage, join me upstairs and enjoy soothing music, organic products, and expert touch. After consulting with you, I will create a relaxing and therapeutic treatment specific to your needs. Choose between the table or the Thai mat. To determine which one is right for you, read below:

Swedish Table Fusion:

For a fun twist on the classic table massage, try my unique house-blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Thai.  Relaxing, reviving, stretchy, and delicious.

60 mins ………….. $65

90 mins ………….. $90


Traditional Thai:

Thai massage is traditionally done on a mat, fully clothed. It is sort of like having yoga done to you, so be sure to wear loose, comfy clothes. The session is comprised of acupressure, joint mobilization, and deep stretching. If you need complete refreshment for your body, mind, and spirit, try Thai!

60 mins ………….. $65

90 mins ………….. $90


The Wrap ‘n Nap

A 90 minute table massage just for your skin.  Enjoy an hour of Swedish massage with a special blend of moisturizing lotions and essential oils, then drift off to sleep during a half hour steam wrap while I massage your head, neck, and face.  You’ll leave feeling soft as silk!



Hot Stone Massage

A soothing 90 minute table massage with the penetrating heat of smoothly polished river rocks.  Perfect for loosening stubborn knots, melting scar tissue, and thawing out from the winter chill.



Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you been in a wreck recently?  Massage can be very helpful in dealing with whiplash and other collision-related strains. Ask your doctor if a prescription for massage is right for you!