Curly Styles

How to choose a curly style that works
Those with curly hair are considered blessed by those with straight hair. There are so many different styles you can wear curly hair in. But if were gifted with curls, you may find them a bit unruly at times and wish for straight. No problem. We also offer the safest and most effective hair straightening services.

The curly shag is one of the most popular curly hair styles. The multiple layers of this cut will create bounce and lift to your curls, and this is an easy style to maintain. Wash and go!

Another great style for curly hair is wearing it short. Short curly hair gives a playful and airy look. Add bangs to make your look stand out even more. For variety, try straightening your bangs and leaving the rest curly.

Wearing your curly hair in ringlets is very popular right now. You can create soft ringlets with a curling iron, or you can try this technique for twisting your hair into curls. The link for instructions is here.

Whatever style you choose, curly hair needs special care to look good. Brushes are dangerous for your hair and can increased frizz. A comb is better. Daily shampooing is not advised either because it will dry your hair and lead to frizz. A good conditioner is a must for curly hair.