Textured Hairstyles


The textured or shag haircut is a style that looks good on almost anyone and is one of the most care-free styles you can choose.  Some cuts don't even require blow-drying -- just air dry and go!

The many layers of the shag hair cut work very well on fine hair, as the layers give more volume.  On thick hair the shag also works to thin out some of the volume that otherwise weighs down a style.  If your hair likes to flip but not curl, then the shag might be just the right style for you!

You can choose a shag cut with almost any length of hair, and it looks good on men as well as women.

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Kay Bejarana

The staff is professional and always listens to me.  50th Ave. Salon is a place to relax, be pampered and know you'll  look and feel great when you leave!

Louise Gillis

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