Layred Looks


The layered look for long hair is one of the most popular styles right now.  Shorter layers around the face and neck create a beautiful framing effect.  Layers may also give you more bounce and fullness in areas where the weight of the hair would pull it straight.

Long layered styles lend themselves well to both formal and casual up-do's because the layers create wispy tendrils around the face and neck.

Use a flat iron to get the most effect from your layers, or use large barrel curlers for a romantic look.

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If you have an oval face, long layers will look good on you because they will accentuate the length of your face.  Avoid sharply defined bangs because they will take away from the beautiful proportions of your oval face.

If your face is long and narrow (as opposed to truly oval) then long hair will accentuate your length and not be as flattering.  Cutting layers around your jaw and neck can help offset the length.

If your face is round, you will want a style that makes you look more oval.  That means adding height on top and removing volume from the sides.  Don't do layers near your face but keep them longer and lower, which will also make your face look longer.

If you have a short or square face you will want to cut your layers so they de-emphasize the strength of your jaw.  Wispy layers along the jaw line will hid a bit of your face and make it seem less square.  Avoid blunt cuts along the jaw line.  There needs to be a quality of softness to balance the hardness of this shape.

Heart shaped faces are broadest across the forehead and narrowest at the chin, so adding layers around the chin and neck will balance the overall proportions of your shape.  Avoid strong bangs and opt for a wispy, side swept look that draws attention away from your strong forehead rather than trying to hide it.

A rectangular face needs added width to be in balance, so a graduated layering from fairly high up will look good.  Avoid overly long hair if you have a rectangular face because it naturally lengthens your look.

A pear shaped face has a strong jaw line that is not pointy and delicate like the heart shape.  There needs to be a de-emphasis of this area.  Layers should be cut at the forehead and temples to create added width. Brush hair up and away from the face to balance to make your forehead area stronger, and have soft curls around the jaw to soften it's lines.


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