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Color highlights are very popular, and50th Avenue Salon loves keeping up on new color trends. We have some amazing new colors in the Paul Mitchell line that all our stylists use with great results.

Color highlights give a rich dimensional look to hair that makes it so much more interesting.  If you look at celebrity photographs, the almost ALL have highlights in their hair.  It makes their natural color look better and richer.

However, sometimes we aren't going for the natural look.  Sometimes we are using our hair as a painting and the color is our palette.  Putting a blue streak through your hair isn't going to make anyone think it's natural, but that's OK because it just looks so cool.

Foil highlights can lay several different layers of color into your hair and make a huge difference in how vibrant your look is.  You can choose to have highlights throughout your hair or just as accents, such as around your face or to accent the lines of your hairstyle. The price of the service will vary, depending on how many colors and how many foils you use.

If your natural color is good, then foil highlights will be a good choice for you.  However, if your natural or base color has gone dull, then you'll want to think about a new all-over base color.

Sometimes you will want to do both a new base color and highlights.  This is where you get the really beautiful results.

Whatever you want, you will work with your stylist to choose the best color and placement for you.

The great thing about 50th Avenue Salon is that all of our stylists arereally good with color and know how to blend shades to give you that one of a kind look you want.

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It is a rare woman who looks good in any color.  You usually have certain tones that naturally look good on you, and if you stray to far away it won't look natural.

Blond   If you were blond as a child, you will probably look good with blond highlights or base color.  If your skin is pink and burns easily, or if you have blue or green eyes you will probably look good in blond colors.

Blonds can hide grey in their hair with the addition of platinum highlights.

Red   Almost everyone can wear red, even if you weren't born with any red.  The trick is finding the right shade and your stylist will help you.  There is everything from strawberry blond to burgundy red, and one of them will work for you.

You don't have to change your entire hair color to enjoy the benefits of red.  Highlights of red look great on almost everyone.

Brown   If you have brown hair and pale skin, you will probably look good in lighter colors.  Dark colors with pale skin will make you look even paler. If your skin tones are darker, you can pull off darker hair colors as well.

Brown hair looks good with golden or caramel highlights.  If the color has gone dull, adding a little red tone to your base color can really make it shine again.

If you put blond highlights in very dark brown hair, you risk your highlights looking like gray hair.  Not good!  On the other hand, golden or light brown highlights look rich and vibrant and no one would ever mistake them for a gray hair.

If you tell your stylist you want blond highlights, don't be surprised if she mixes up a light brown color -- the effect will be as if the highlights are blond but they will look more natural.

Black   People with black hair look very good with the new blue highlights. Dark burgundy shades can also be used.  If you want blond highlights, chunky sections give a dramatic look

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Loves the location and Maggie did an amazing job on my feet.  That foot massage felt incredible and I told my husband that I'm taking my 50th Avenue Salon break monthly.

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The staff is professional and always listens to me.  50th Ave. Salon is a place to relax, be pampered and know you'll  look and feel great when you leave!

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50th Avenue Salon is a place you won’t visit just once. Whether you have your hair cut, colored or styled, you will be back!

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All services are rendered by a friendly, very skilled,  and professional staff.  Great atmosphere, and great location!

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