Men’s Styles

How do you choose?
Your choice of hairstyle depends on several factors:

what your hair wants to do
what you want your hair to do
how much time we want to work at it!
Since many men are not interested in putting more than a couple of minutes into their daily hair routine,choosing a style that matches your hair growth pattern is very important.

If your hair is thinning, that limits your choices even further. But whatever your hair wants to do, your stylist will help you choose a look that works for you.


Hey guys! Get with it and color that gray away! You don’t have to look older than your years just because there is gray around your ears. When done professionally, your new color will look totally natural and match the way you feel inside.

And if you happen to be an older guy who is dating, coloring is definitely your friend. Unless you are ready to date gray haired women, fixing your color is going to help a lot, and women think it’s great that you care enough to look your best. That’s what they are doing for you, after all!

What face shape do you have?
If you want to look your best, think about the shape of your face when you are choosing your hair style.

Short cuts are suitable for every face shape except square. Short cuts work best on hair that is not too curly.

Medium cuts are suitable for all face shapes, but if you have a round face avoid a style that has “bangs” or hair cut across your forehead. If you have curly hair, a medium cut will be attractive on you.

Long cuts are suitable for everyone except those with long, narrow faces because this style will just accent it. For many men, the texture and quality of their hair will not support a long style as they get older.