Shorty Styles


Thinking about taking off some of that length and going shorty? Here are some tips to think about.

Most face shapes look good in a short hair style except for those with a round face. Those people need the hair to hit below the jawline.

Short hair will draw attention to your jaw, neck and shoulders. If these are not your best features a long bob instead to take the focus away from these areas.

Fine hair does very well in short styles. When fine hair gets long it goes flat, so a short style will give you the most body. If you hair is really fine, don’t layer it too much or you will lose the weight you need. A single length style is best for very fine hair.

Think about your height, too. A very tall woman (over 5’8″) will look better with a cut that ends at the chin line. Petite women will look great in a shorty style because it won’t overwhelm their body.

If you have curly hair and you want it short, you will want to layer carefully to avoid getting a poodle look. Thankfully, all of the stylists at 50th Avenue Salon know how to bring the best out of curly hair, even when it’s short.