The Bob


Although bob hair styles can look good on almost anyone, it’s best to choose your bob haircut based on your face and hair texture.

Bob haircuts are usually cut straight around the head at about jaw length.  Although most bobs are short, they can also be long.  Some people look better with bangs or a fringe and others look better without.

Straight hair works very well in a bob style and length.  Curly hair can also pull off a bob, but it needs to be a long bob that hits below the jawline or your head will end up looking too big and triangular.

If you have fine, straight hair then a blunt cut bob will make your hair appear thicker and hold its shape longer.

If you have thick hair then a layered bob will work best for you because it reduces weight and adds movement and texture.

Asymmetrical and A-line bobs are very popular right now.  One side can be longer than the other, or the front can be longer than the back.  The effect is very flattering.


People with oval-shaped faces look good with any type of bob.

Round faces work best with bobs that end below the chin, with layers, and with long-sided bangs. The effect is to lengthen the look of your face.

If you have a square face, choose a graduated bob with layering that goes beneath the jaw line. You don’t want to do anything to further accentuate your jawline.

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